Jaimee S.

Alumnus at Albion College

Class of 2019

Current: Commerce Township, MI

Major: Biology

Concentration: pre-physicians assistant

Minor: Religious Studies

What's your favorite class at Albion?

all of my classes in the biology department

Why did you chose Albion?

I loved the community aspect that came with going to a smaller college and being able to easily make connections on campus

What is your most meaningful place on campus?

The Science Center because i essentially live there

A few of my life goals are...

Travel as much as possible, provide healthcare to underserved areas

I'm passionate about...

Being a leader and helping others Anything Medical Related

I'm involved with...

Panhellenic Council Albion Community Mentoring Program Alpha Epsilon Delta Pre-Med Fraternity Kappa Alpha Theta Global Medical Brigades
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