Jordan M.

Alumnus at Albion College

Class of 2020

Current: Glen Arbor, MI


Major: Communication Studies

Why did you chose Albion?

I chose Albion for the small school atmosphere, the student to staff ratio, and the equestrian team.

A few of my life goals are...

I want to graduate college, first of all. After that, I just want to find a job that makes me happy. I just want to take it day by day.

What's your favorite class at Albion?

I loved my First-year Experience class. It was Hawaii and the Himalayas and we went to Hawaii. What other classes can say that?

What is your most meaningful place on campus?

The equestrian center. My horse is on campus and there is nothing better than seeing him after a long day of classes.

I'm passionate about...

Horseback Riding Travel Dogs Outdoor Activities

I'm involved with...

Alpha Chi Omega
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