Alexa H.

at Albion College

Class of 2023

Hometown: Chico, CA

Major: Business

Secondary Major: Healthcare

Minor: Spanish

Why did you chose Albion?

While I found Albion through volleyball and this did impact my decision, I ultimately chose Albion because of the variety of opportunities offered along with the great standings of the Wilson and Gerstacker Institute.

What is your most meaningful place on campus?

I really value the Greenhouse because sometimes it feels like a link to home. Being from California I love the sunshine, so being able to study in a quiet sun-filled environment that escapes the coldness of outside is amazing.

A few of my life goals are...

I want to become a more worldly individual through intership and study abroad opportunities. I will use such experiences to set me apart from my other competitors in the job market and give me unique inside to the world around me.

What's your favorite class at Albion?

My favorite class is Intro to Kinesiology with Carol Moss. I absolutely love Carol and her teaching style and the classroom environment is so enjoyable.

I'm passionate about...

Reading Traveling Equestrian

I'm involved with...

chapel Wilson Institute Gerstacker Institute Honors Program Student Volunteer Bureau Volleyball
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