Austin T.

Alumnus at Albion College

Class of 2019

Current: Farmington Hills, MI

Hometown: Farmington Hills, MI

Major: Economics and Management

Secondary Major: Communication

Minor: Gerstacker; Accounting

A few of my life goals are...

Get a job that I love to do and that will pay well, have a great family that I love to be around, enjoy my happy life, and make a difference in others life.

Why did you chose Albion?

Small campus, location, opportunities, sports, major, and people/family vibes

What's your favorite class at Albion?

Social Movements, Human Communications, Intro to Tech Design

What is your most meaningful place on campus?

Bonta Admissions Office or Kresge Gymnasium

I'm passionate about...

My Religion Leadership making a difference Money Video Games Listening to Music

I'm involved with...

Tour Guide Black Student Alliance Gerstacker Playing Basketball
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